Learning How to Fall in Love with Nature Camp Aug 13-17


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A unique week long camp aimed to increase an understanding of how NATURE works and inspire an emotional connection to our natural world.

Ages 9-14. August 13th-17th. Cost is $125 for the week.

This unique 5 day NATURE CAMP will offer you:

  1. An understanding of how NATURE works.
  2. An emotional connection with NATURE’S subtleties…discovering its treasures.
  3. Opportunities to follow in the footsteps of an Earth Mystic like John Muir, David Suzuki, Annie Dillard or Henry David Thoreau.
  4. Strategies in helping NATURE (planet earth) by learning how to ‘live more lightly’.

Program Content:

  • Activities to develop positive interpersonal relationships
  • We work together using the full value contract approach
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Journaling each day in our ‘magic spots’… a time to be alone…to have solitude opportunities in NATURE
  • An Earth Talk
  • Earthwalks…observing the subtleties of NATURE
  • ‘Spec Trail’ journey
  • Nature games and initiative problem solving tasks
  • Aquatic ecosystem analysis (Theme: adaptations)
  • A guest presenter from Arborview Tree Care to discuss the importance of trees in NATURE and their role as our life support system
  • A scientific study of a terrestrial invertebrate organism
  • Following the steps of an Earth Mystics