Join Us For

birthday Cake

The boys put in a special request with the Food Hub Kitchen Team for their favourite dessert from the Garden Café – carrot cake! Wish them a happy birthday and enjoy your own special cupcake!

Pony Photos

Come take a photo with the birthday boys! Maple, Sammy, and Flapjack all love to be the centre of attention – but they’ll make room for you in a photo or two!

party favours

To say thank you for coming to celebrate with us, we have a special little gift for all our party goers. We’ll also have pony-themed activities and specials all over the property to celebrate!

Bring Your Party Hat

Come dressed for the occasion wearing your best party hat for a chance to win a prize!

Learn More About Our Pony Programming

If you’re celebrating Maple, Sammy, and Flapjack’s birthday, chances are you’re one of the many who call our ponies their favourite part of visiting Abbey Gardens. But did you know that you can get up close and personal with the boys in one of our Pony Programs? Whether you’re looking to get into the paddock for some one-on-one time, grooming, and a nice leisurely walk with the boys, or if you’re hoping for a deeper connection with a few life lessons along the way, we have the program for you!