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Sunday Matinée – Music @ The Gardens Presents: Russell – Liorti – Monich Interstellar FunkSplosion & Lunar Bloom


Sold out!


Two amazing shows:

1pm – 2pm: Russell – Liorti – Monich Interstellar FunkSplosion

2pm – 3pm: Lunar Bloom – Jocelyn Regina, Kelly McNamee and Brittany Robinson


Lunar Bloom is an emerging Toronto based trio, rooted in the folk tradition. After meeting at Sheridan College, Brittany, Kelly, and Jocelyn began writing songs together just for fun, and quickly discovered that they were creating something very special. Their captivating original tunes feature complex vocal harmonies and intimate storytelling. A Lunar Bloom show is full of playful banter and dreamy love songs, balanced with feminist anthems and calls to action. They lean into harmonic tension and rhythms that challenge expectations, creating the story of each song through musical devices as well as poetic lyrics. Their single ‘Sweater’ made it to Top 100 in CBC Searchlight 2020, and their debut EP earned a nomination in the Folk/Roots Category for the Independent Music Awards 2020. They have toured throughout Southern Ontario, showcased at Folk Music Ontario, and received radio play on Ontario stations including Just Us Folk, Canoe FM, and CBC’s “Fresh Air” with Nana Aba Duncan.