Taking the Reins Summer Day Camp (ages 11-16)


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What do you get when you combine the outdoors, horses, young people and leadership skills training? Taking the Reins!  This program will foster confidence and leadership skills in a safe outdoor environment.  Each day will start with fun leadership and outdoor skill activities leading into an afternoon of on-ground horsemanship. Participants will be hands-on in all aspects of the care, management and training of our ponies: learning to properly catch, groom and handle our rare breed ambassadors. Fun horse focused activities will be interspersed with Equine Assisted Learning sessions. Using our powerful teachers, Sammy, Maple and Flapjack, participants will develop confidence, self-awareness about their behaviour, and alternative skills to help them overcome challenges and cope with the social pressures they face today. Taking the Reins! challenges individuals to discover themselves and be inspired to reach their full potential as they confidently grow into young leaders.

 This program will be limited to 6 youth (ages 11-16), two per pony to ensure and maintain safe physical distancing as well as provide plenty of one-on-one attention.

General Program Schedule

10:00 – Arrival & Sign In

 Health Check and Sign In

  Meet & Wait at designated area

 Physical Distance Waiting activity – individual (Pony themed activity/puzzle pages)

Go over rules and how we need to respect each other’s space and well being


Leadership Activity

Outdoor Skills/Hike/Nature Based Activity

Talk Circle

11:30– LUNCH


12:00 – Horsemanship

 Introduction to Horsemanship

Reminder of safety rules and need for respect of each other’s space and well being as well as the horses

12:30 – 1:15

 Start equine themed craft activity

1:00 -1:15

Introduce EAL activity, discuss objective(s)

1:15 – 2.00

 EAL exercise

2:00 – 2:15

Talk Circle, discuss outcomes

2:15 – SNACK

Introduce 2nd EAL exercise, discuss objectives

2:30- 3:15

EAL exercise

3:15- 4:00

  Discuss outcomes

  Complete craft activity

   Journal Time

4:00pm – Pick up


Additional information

Camp Week

July 18-22, August 8-12, August 29-September 2