$25 Gift – Buy a book for the Lil’ Buds storytime program



This program, aimed at small children, incorporates nature play and storytelling to engage the pre-kinder age group and teach them about nature. Each session is built around the storybook, so our programming team invests a lot of time in finding the stories that will inspire! Your $25 donation will be the foundation for one of next year’s programs!

The Lil’ Buds Nature Play is a nature-inspired outdoor program for under 5’s and their grownups.

A fun outdoor program for children to explore their natural world through themed stories, walks, activities, hands-on discovery, and crafts. Sessions take place in spring and summer and are all based outdoors and have been modified for safe outdoor interaction. They are suitable for children (ages 2-5) and their grownup. Families can choose to register for one program or catch them all!

A typical program includes story time, activities, games, and crafts all based around one of seven themes below. If more than one program date shares the same theme, please note that the program content will be different for each.

Themes include…

  1. It’s Discovery Time! Learn about seasons, water, night & day, metamorphosis and other nature topics.
  2. What’s Growing in the Garden? Programs about seeds, plants, and growing vegetables.
  3. Up & Down in the Garden. What goes on above and below the soil? Learn about roots, shoots, worms, insects, and more.
  4. Over in the Garden. Fun and playful activities in our beautiful garden space.
  5. Over in the Forest. Fun and playful activities about our forest
  6. Animal Friends. Garden critters, farm animals and more!
  7. Honey Week Edition. All things bees and honey.