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The Magic of Indigo Workshop Aug 3


Sold out!

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Once you have seen how the green leaves of indigofera japonica turn fabric yellow, then lime green and finally beautiful blue, you have seen magic! In this workshop, we will use 2 methods of reducing the indigotin in indigo leaves and then releasing it onto fabric. Participants will participate in the preparation of the dyebath, and then will tie/fold, dye and take away a silk scarf. Saturday August 3rd from 10am-1pm. Cost is $55 per person which includes a homemade lunch provided by Abbey Gardens.

This workshop is facilitated by Anna Luckai. Anna’s experiments into plants and their powers have led her into uncharted territory. A seamstress by trade, Anna uses the plants she grows and gathers to dye eucalyptus fabric, which she fashions into unique garments. That’s only part of it, though. Bringing phytotherapy and fashion together, Anna has found ways to transfer the plant’s healing powers into the clothing itself. Come see how!